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Welcome to CatchYellowFever.org.  Here is a little bit about us, and how this website came to be.  

CYF.org is a small group of owner/driver/enthusiasts who like diverse automobiles, and just happened to all gravitate to our favorites in the same spectrum of the color wheel.  The 2006 Mustang GT was the first Yellow of our group, followed by the 2005 Dodge Ram RumbleBee and finally the 2005 Chevy SSR.  We enjoy getting them together for road trips and photo shoots.  In fact, we’ve shot so many pictures that it was getting difficult to share them all amongst each other… so we started working on a way to share them with anyone else who likes Yellow vehicles.

We have a Ford, a Dodge and a Chevy as a “club” foundation and find it interesting that our personal picks crossed through not only the "Big 3" manufacturers, but also the vehicle types as well… a soft-top convertible car, a hard-top convertible pick-up and a full-size 4x4 pick-up.  We don’t race or compete nor do we brag or boast,  we simply like to cruise and enjoy… if you feel the same about your yellow ride, please send us an email and we’ll see about Catching Yellow Fever together.